White Chocolate Pretzel Bark - Wedding Favor Favorites

Our White Chocolate Pretzel Bark is one of our most favored wedding favors in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Our pretzel barks are perfect gourmet gifts for weddings, corporate events and just as an anytime gift.

We start with the creamiest and most delicious white chocolate around and add fresh almonds and pretzels to top this treat off!

Our Pretzel Bark is offered in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and any other chocolate flavor by request.

Do you have a special event coming up and you want to offer a one of the most delicious and unique gourmet pretzel gifts around?

Try our white chocolate pretzel bark to make your wedding day extra unique and special. Your wedding guests will be talking about this wonderful treat for years to come!

White Chocolate Pretzel Bark is our most favorite for wedding because of the white coloring and how beautiful it looks accompanying even the most elaborate wedding themed tables.

If you really want to impress, take our white chocolate pretzel bark to the next level and try our white chocolate almost pretzel bark which gives your recipient and even more divine pretzel heaven experience.

The White Chocolate Pretzel Bark with Almonds is made with superior white chocolate, delicious fresh pretzel rods and accompanied by the most tasty and salty almonds that give this treat the perfect balance of sweet and salty on your palate. 

Whether you are looking for a last minute wedding favor idea to accompany your existing wedding favors or if you want one of the most unique edible wedding favors to date, our white chocolate pretzel bark is sure to please.

Order our delicious white chocolate pretzel bark today right here: http://www.pretzelcrazy.com/products/crazy-pretzel-bark

We will make sure that the white chocolate pretzel bark is made to order and fresh for your wedding date.

When ordering our white chocolate pretzel bark, please make sure to put all special requests in the note section.  

We can custom each white chocolate pretzel bark container to show your wedding date, names and even match theme colors.  Be sure to let us know what you would like and how you want your white chocolate pretzel bark to look on those gorgeous wedding tables!

We also offer our very popular bride and groom chocolate dipped pretzel rods for a unique out of town wedding guests gift bags and baskets or for wedding favors too!