Spooky Halloween Party Treats

Spooky Halloween Party Treats are absolutely divine and delicious with our spooky chocolate covered marshmallow treats!  
Here at Pretzel Crazy we take great pride in our adorable spooky Halloween Treats that the kids in your neightborhood (and adults) will remember for years to come!
We know you get bored with the same old Halloween Treats year after year.  Whether you need new Spooky Treats for your spooky Halloween Party or for your Trick or Treaters, these spooky Halloween treats are sure to make you smile!
We start with the largest and most delicious marshmallows in town. Then we take our creamy chocolate and dip them into a fresh batch.  Attached by a saltylicious pretzel, we decorate the best marshmallow treats around with colors and characters of the spooky season!
Imagine a whole Halloween Party Table filled with these absolutely spectacular Halloween treats!
Call today to reserve your spot on our Halloween Party list!  We will be sure to make these wonderful treats fresh and delivered on time to you before your Spooky Halloween Party!
You can also order these spooky treats at: http://www.pretzelcrazy.com/products/mindless-marshmallows