Pittsburgh Steelers Wedding Gifts

Are you having a Pittsburgh Steelers wedding? Do you want to offer your guests the best that Pittsburgh has to offer?

Why not try one of our chocolate dipped pretzel rods that are themed specifically for the Pittsburgh Steelers Wedding of your dreams?

Our Pittsburgh Steelers Wedding Gifts come in a variety of options.

Our most prized collection of treats consist of our Circle of Craziness Platter that is an ideal for your Pittsburgh Wedding guests from out of town.

Imagine your wedding guests arriving at a Pittsburgh hotel and having a variety of gourmet Steelers themed treats to greet them?

If you love the idea of giving  Pittsburgh Wedding Out of Town Guest Gift Bags to your guests as they arrive at the hotel, then we can offer you individually wrapped gourmet caramel and chocolate dipped pretzels in any theme and style that you want.

 Offering your guests a gift from a local Pittsburgh vendor is a great way to support your local economy and offer authentic Pittsburgh wedding gifts that will long be remembered.

Imagine your Pittsburgh Steelers Wedding Gifts for out of town guests accompanied by a Terrible Towel?

What better way to say "Welcome! We are so glad you are here!" ?

In addition to offering you great gourmet additions to your wedding gfit bags for out of town guests, we also offer fantastic 4" chocolate dipped pretzel rods that area also themed for a Steelers wedding that can be placed at every table for your wedding guests in Pittsburgh.

Imagine a wonderful and colorful black and gold wedding favor that stands out as a decorative enhancement to your wedding theme and is a gift for your wedding guests at the same time!

Here is an example of our Pink Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods at a wedding table in Pittsburgh.  It adds just the right spark of color and compliments the beautiful wedding centerpiece on every table.

When ordering your Pittsburgh Steelers themed wedding gifts, be sure to mention, in the notes, the color and theme that you desire for your pretzels.

We recommend the 4" pretzels, however we do offer pretzel nuggets and 8" dipped pretzel rods too.