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Pretzel Crazy on a Pittsburgh Cookie Table - The Best Wedding Cookie Ideas Start Here

A wedding in Pittsburgh is not a wedding without the perfect Pittsburgh Cookie Table.

Being from the Pittsburgh area, we here at Pretzel Crazy understand that wedding cookies are a very important piece of a Pittsburgh wedding experience.

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Some brides have requested theme specific wedding cookie ideas such as unique seashell cookies and gourmet treats, fortune cookie favors dipped in chocolate, special italian cookies, greek wedding cookies and so many more themed cookies for their cookie tables.

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The Pittsburgh Wedding Cookie Table is a Pittsburgh wedding traditions that started in Southwestern Pennsylvania and around the areas of Youngstown Ohio.

In place of or to accompany the traditional Pittsburgh bakery wedding cakes, the wedding cookie table is presented to wedding guests at the Pittsburgh wedding reception.

Wedding cookies are traditionally prepared by family members and represent the family ethnicity at the wedding and can include such cookies as: mexican wedding cookies, italian wedding cookies and greek wedding cookies.

As a Pittsburgh wedding tradition, a wedding cookie table can be seen anywhere on the globe where you have a Pittsburgh bride or groom or even a wedding that has Pittsburgh guests.

Pittsburgh Cookie Tables may actually have a stronger tie to ethnicity and religions than it actually does to Pittsburgh Weddings alone.

Most wedding cookie bars or cookie tables in the United States are found in the Easter Region of the continental United States.

The cookie tables at weddings are generally included in Italian, Catholic or Mexican wedding reception.

Although most wedding cookie tables are found to be located in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, cookie tables are found elsewhere and often contain some of the best wedding cookies ideas many wedding guests will ever encounter.

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How to Order Your Wedding Cookies for the Cookie Table

We recommend that you order a "Circle of Craziness" for the best price and value on your wedding cookie treats for your cookie table.

When you order, you will be able to specify the exact wedding theme ideas or wedding colors that you want included for your wedding table cookies.

We will work with you to make the perfect wedding cookies treat whether you are in Pittsburgh or in California!  

If you are looking for the best wedding cookies ideas, ask us first, as we can personalize wedding gifts and treats to meet your needs no matter where you are located in the continental United States.

We ask that before you order our premier wedding cookie treats that you understand that you may become addicted to our delicious and gourmet chocolate treats and that they may not make it to join the other wedding cookies at your wedding tables.

We suggest that you order extra wedding cookie treats so you have enough by the time your wedding cookies are needed for the wedding reception.....even if it's just next week!

Please note that we also offer our gourmet treats for your wedding gift bags for out of town guests!  Ask us today about bulk orders or personalized wedding themed hotel gift bags or welcome baskets for out of town guests.