As the mother of two young children , Sheri found herself always trying to create “that special treat” that would stand out when it was her turn to send a snack to preschool. It amazed her the extent that mothers would go to on their child’s snack day and she definitely didn’t want to disappoint. Birthday treats were easy – decorated cupcakes – but it was treats any other time of year that presented the challenge. Alas, Pretzel Crazy was born.

Sheri knew, from being in the classroom during snack time, that the treat should be easy to serve and easy to consume without the teachers having to cut, serve and help the children eat. She took small pretzel rods, added toppings and color coordinated the confection with color coated candy to fit whatever season or holiday was near.

Soon the parents and friends were asking Sheri to make these treats for them to take to holiday gatherings, baby showers and school activities. Additional toppings and nuts were added to the repertoire and the rest “as they say” is history.