Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Our delicious chocolate covered pretzels are popular for corporate gifts, wedding favors or just a comfy hometown get together.

At Pretzel Crazy, we take our covered covered pretzels seriously and make sure that any chocolate covered pretzels that come your way are the absolute most fresh and delicious chocolate dipped pretzels you've ever seen!

You see, we don't just dip our chocolate covered pretzels in chocolate alone, we also use caramel to make our chocolate covered pretzels even more irresistible. 

If you love chocolate covered pretzels, then you have found the right place!

Our homemade chocolate covered pretzels are meticulously created and designed according to your needs and then wrapped and sealed to guarantee freshness for your special event.

Along with offering the traditional chocolate covered pretzels, our Pretzel Crazy crew offers several varieties of dipped pretzel rods and pretzel sticks to pleasure your pallate.

From Bonkers over Bacon, caramel and chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate covered pretzels with potato chips and more, our Pretzel Crazy dipped pretzel experts create a variety of unique and creative chocolate dipped pretzel flavors.

For more information on our unique caramel and chocolate covered pretzels, see our Pretzel Crazy page here.