Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

If you are looking for chocolate covered pretzel rods, you have some to the right place!  Here at Pretzel Crazy, our day to day focus is on the best chocolate covered pretzel rods that you can imagine.

From taking our time to choose the absolutely most fresh pretzel rods that come with the most perfect amount of salty goodness to selecting the most sumptuous melt in your mouth chocolates and and toppings, our Pretzel Crazy shop is focused on giving you the best Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods in the U.S!

Along with our bride and groom pretzel rods that are extremely popular wedding favors at many weddings, we offer a variety of delicious chocolate covered pretzel rods to accompany any occasion.

Our chocolate covered pretzel rods take chocolate covered pretzels to the next level by pampering each pretzel rod in a delicious bath of caramel and then dipped in the most melt in your mouth chocolate available!

After the initial dip to make our deeply desired chocolate covered pretzel rods, we then select some of the most delectable treats you can imagine and roll our chocolate dipped pretzel rods into them to make our pretzel rods even more superior than typical chocolate covered pretzel rods.

Some of our most desired and popular types of chocolate covered pretzel rods are:


1. Bride and Groom Pretzel Rods

2. Gourmet Colored M & M's on our M&M Meltdown Pretzel that matches your event theme.

3. Chocolate covered Bacon Pretzel on our Bonkers over Bacon Pretzel Rods

4. Batty Butterfinger - our gourmet chocolate covered pretzel rods rolled in crunchy delicious candy


Stop by our chocolate covered pretzel rods page and check out all we have to offer. We have so many delicious flavored and candy dipped pretzel rods that you may want to order every single one!

Perfect for corporate gifts, weddings, family reunions and more!

Check out our flavors Here: